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Film: Kill the Messenger John Wilkes Booth Richardson Produtions

The Drama Studio, Clarksville, Indiana

Arles Struvie                     A Tuna Christmas   Debra Rice Endris, Artistic Director

Robert                                Proof   Debra Rice Endris, Artistic Director

Salieri                                Amadeus   Debra Rice Endris, Artistic Director

Actor’s Theatre or Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

Petrone                             Suicide in B Flat   Jon Jory, Artistic Director

Bunbury Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky

Hank                                 ‘Til Beth Do Us Part   Juergen Tossman, Director

Jeff                                    The Sum of Us   Juergen Tossman, Director

Moon                                The Real Inspector Hound   Juergen Tossman, Director

Joseph (1994)                  Butterfingers Angel…   Juergen Tossman, Director

Latent Muse Productions, Louisville, Kentucky

Man                                    Iphigenia at Orem Chad Sheffield, Director

Clarksville Little Theatre, Clarksville, Indiana

Man                                    Into The Woods  Debra Rice Endris, Director

Indiana University Southeast Theater, New Albany, Indiana

Mr. Klemper                    The Boys Next Door Jim Hesselman, Director

Larry                                 Company Jim Hesselman, Director

Joe                                    The Shadow Box Jim Hesselman, Director

Multiple roles                 The Good Doctor Multiple Directors

Giles                                  The Mousetrap Annie Hodapp, Director

Higginson                         Come Slowly Eden Linda Brengle, Director

East Carolina Playhouse, Greenville, North Carolina

Harold                               Boys In The Band Don Biehn, Director

Camille                              Danton’s Death Edgar Loessin, Director

SummerStock, Findlay, Ohio

Orrin and Others            Little Shop Of Horrors Barry Alexander, Director

Pepe                                   West Side Story Barry Alexander, Director

Joe Keller                           All My Sons Barry Alexander, Director

Thurber Theater, Columbus, Ohio

Multiple Roles                   Who Am I? (One Man Show) Self Directed Piece

Mazzini Dunn                    Heartbreak House Don Glancy, Director

Renfield                             Dracula David    Ayers, Director

Lindsay Woolsey             Auntie Mame Bo Brown, Director

Jay                                    All The Way Home Varlo Davenport, Director

Solyony                           The Three Sisters Rex McGraw, Director

Commodore                   Oh Dad, Poor Dad Ionia Zelenka, Director

Worcester                       Henry IV, i Suzanne Blackburn, Director

The Rand Theater, Amherst, Massachusetts

Eben                                 Desire Under The Elms Ed Golden, Director

Sam                                  The Homecoming Bruce Browne, Director

Boneventura                  ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore Iris Valanti, Director

Amos                                The Runner Stumbles Bruce Browne, Director

Man                                  Lovers:Winners/Losers Lisa Kornetsky, Director


Acting Study (Stanislavski | Meisner | Chekov), Directing Study (Jon Jory), Singing Coach: Sharon Murray, Improvisation Skills, Circus Skills, Movement: Viewpoints (Bogart | Hubbard), Mask (Decroux | LeCoq), Dialects Specialist (Lessac), Horsemanship, Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat ( Drew Fracher | Robin McFarquhar | Cass Foster-rapier and dagger, quarterstaffs)

Director | Designer

Actor’s Theatre or Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky • Jon Jory, Artistic Director

Director: Suicide in B Flat, Wit Man, Painter, Compatible, Ticklish Tales of AA Milne

Designer: Painter (Lighting)

Clarksville Little Theatre, Clarksville, Indiana 

Director: The Foreigner, The Nerd, HAIR, The Wedding Singer

Designer: Into The Woods (Scenic), HAIR (Scenic), The Nerd (Scenic, Lighting)

Bunbury Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky • Juergen Tossman, Artistic Director

Director: Romantic Fools, Schroedinger’s Cat and Other Chaos Theories (Playwright & Director), Butterfingers Angel…1996,

Designer: Romantic Fools (scenic, lighting, sound ), Christmas Belles (Scenic), Dearly Departed (Scenic & Lighting), Butterfingers Angel…1996, (Scenic)

Latent Muse Productions, Louisville, Kentucky • Chad Sheffield, Artistic Director

Co-director: Waiting for Mr. Green

Designer: Waiting for Mr. Green (scenic and lighting)

South Bend Civic Theater, South Bend, Indiana • Jim Coppens, Artistic Director

Director: Art (winner ICTF Best Ensemble, Best Production, Best Direction), Proof, Betrayal

Designer: Art, Proof, Betrayal (scenic & lighting)

Indiana University Southeast Theater, New Albany, Indiana • Susan S. VanDyke Artistic Director

Director: Arsenic & Old Lace, Amadeus, Extremities, Prelude to a Kiss

Designer: Puss ‘N Boots (makeup & lighting), Antigone (fight choreographer)

East Carolina Playhouse, Greenville, North Carolina • Edgar Loessin, Artistic Director

Director: Lovers:Winners/Losers

The Outlaw Theater, Vernal, Utah • Varlo Davenport, Artistic Director

Director: Cassidy: The Musical