Although the final piece is digital, the final output is pigment on some type of material, so I approach each piece as I would a traditional piece. I use traditional methods to capture source imagery and then use the digital tools to paint or collage in the computer. Once output, either on artist’s canvas or art paper, I work with traditional based media (watercolor, pastel, acrylics, glues, varnishes, etc. ) to enhance the imagery, creating one of a kind mono-images.

As to the subjects of my pieces, I have an idea of what I want and where I want to go and then I begin. I am open to fortuitous accidents and serendipity, so the work evolves. I still have to master the digital tools in order to exert any control over the process and it still takes time and perspiration, experimentation and failure in order to produce the work.

I sometimes refer to these pieces as digital chromatographic prints, because the creative process for me is most like printmaking, but some of the pieces are actually “painted” using the digital equivalents of canvas and brush. I use the computer as a tool, just like a pencil, a paintbrush or a printing plate. The envisioning process, the creative thinking process is the same. My background includes the theater (acting, directing and design) where concept, allusion, metaphor and illusion are very powerful tools used to communicate with the audience. I want the pieces I create to echo and resonate with the viewer. The audience is a key participant in the work. I am a storyteller and I like the work to tell a complete story. It is a different story for each audience member, but each is a very interesting story.

The pieces also tend have references to other literary, artistic and scientific ideas and philosophies. Specifically I am fascinated by the work of the surrealists Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali, the idea of trompe l’oeil painting, the ideas of time, space, relativity, chaos theory and of course the classical theater of the Greeks. Architecture also inspires me to capture it in unique ways whenever and wherever possible. Where this all will take me, I am not sure-but I look forward to the journey.

I find the most exciting thing about the creation of the art is putting it on display. I suppose that is the actor and director in me. I am curious and fascinated by the audience’s reaction to the work-whether positive or negative- as it helps me to learn and grow as an artist and informs the work to come.


• Artist • Exhibitions

Corporations or private organizations that have chosen candidate’s work for exhibition. Multiple works reside in private collections nationally. Frequent Commissions of Computer Graphics Fine Art work.

2009                        Back to the Wall, Art Exhibit, New Albany, Indiana

2008                        Pixels & Paint, Art Exhibit, New Albany, Indiana

2007                        Digital Prints and Photography, The Cartoon and Animation Museum, Seoul, Korea

2004/2005            In Process/New Work, Heartland Artists Gallery, Plymouth, IN

Also on display at Indiana University South Bend for January and February of 2005

2003/2004           The Fates, Clarion University, Clarion, PA-Juried Print Show

2002                       Allusions, Heartland Artists Gallery, Solo Show, 10 digital art pieces on display

2002                       The Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition, Richmond, IN, 2 digital pieces. Juried show.

2002                       Xcen*trik, The South Bend Regional Museum of Art. 2 digital pieces.

2002-2003           The Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart, Indiana. 2 digital pieces. Juried show.

1999/2001            Heartland Artists Gallery Annual Show, Plymouth, IN, 3 digital art pieces. Juried show.

2001-2003            Art of the Mind, Stanley Clarke School, South Bend, IN. Juried show.

1999                        Elkhart Art League Holiday Show, Elkhart, IN. digital art piece Personality Disorder-awarded

2nd Place. Juried show.

1998-2005            Indiana University South Bend Annual Faculty Show, South Bend, IN.